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Tatuador trabalhando

More Tattoos Styles

American Traditional-style tattoos are full of color, depth, and meaning. Read more about your favorite designs below, then call us at (619) 9979193 to schedule your free tattoo consultation. Our skilled artists can’t wait to work with you!

Fine Line Tattoos

Fine line tattoos present a “minimalist” style. They typically include very thin straight or curved lines without any shading, gradient, or colors. Since they require a smaller needle, fine line tattoos are often less painful than other styles.

The professional artists at Family Business Tattoo San Diego will create gorgeous fine line tattoos, bringing your dream tattoo to life. We get to know you and your vision so we can sketch out the perfect design, and we guarantee you’ll leave our shop happy. Schedule your free consultation today


Black & Gray Tattoos


There's no better way to feel in sync with your skin tone than getting a black and grey tattoo. Some are relatively simple with only one color, while others take on a very stylized feel. These ink portraits are meant to tell a story and have meaning.

If you decide to get a black and grey tattoo, make sure to talk to your artist about the possible fade rate. Tattoos fade, and most people start to see their tattoos fading about 30 days after their tattoo session. Our artists are happy to discuss your design and adjust it to slow the fade rate for your black and gray tattoo.

Ornamental, Geometric and Mandalas


Cover-Up Tattoos

Whether you are unhappy with the quality of a tattoo or it no longer represents your lifestyle, our expert artists will cover it up with new, outstanding artwork. Family Business Tattoo San Diego is home to some of San Diego’s top tattoo artists who are experts at creating unique pieces that you will be proud to show off.

Don’t wait another day to cover up your old, fading, or poorly-done tattoos. Call Family Business Tattoo San Diego at (619) 9979193 to schedule your free consultation and get the quality artwork you deserve.

Join the family and schedule your free consultation today.
 Call Family Business Tattoo San Diego at (619) 9979193
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