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Family Business Tattoo San Diego

A quality tattoo should be well-designed, expertly drawn, and unique. But more than anything, your tattoos should represent your individuality and tell your story. At Family Business Tattoo San Diego, we have talented artists with years of experience to give you all of that and more.

Our tattoo shop in San Diego, CA, isn’t your average shop. We treat every client like they’re our family, and we have over 100 years of combined experience creating incredible tattoos. Our skilled team also offers piercings and micropigmentation, and we provide free consultations to make sure we capture every last detail of your vision.

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Family Business Tattoo San Diego is home to some of the best tattoo artists in SoCal. Our artists have over 100 years of combined experience, specializing in traditional Japanese tattoos, fine line tattoos, American traditional tattoos, black and gray tattoos, piercings, micropigmentation, and cover-up tattoos.

Our artists’ unique backgrounds and experiences help them create tattoos that tell stories. When you’re ready to tell your story through tattoo artwork, schedule your free consultation with one of our fantastic tattoo artists. They will create the ultimate design for you.

Mariana Domenes



I am Mariana Domenes, married, mother of two boys, Christian and in love with life. I have been working with tattoos with my husband for 21 years, of which 16 years I have worked with body piercings and body modification. I started tattooing in 2014 and found that this is my new love. I have the style of the traditional tattoos, flowers, mandalas and fine lines tattoos. Over the years, I discovered another passion which tattooing helped me discover. Paramedical Micro-pigmentation in areolas. Through micropigmentation, I can reconstruct the mammary areolas of women who have had breast cancer and had mastectomy. It is a volunteer job that I am so proud of. I can bring their self-esteem. It is very gratifying to see the result is their happiness after a very big trauma. Instagram: @marianadomenes



Brazilian, married, Christian and father of two children. I have been tattooing for 20 years, being 18 years dedicated to Japanese culture. Traditional Japanese tattoo. During all this time tattooing and learning through a tattoo, I had the opportunity to meet several countries like Italy, London, Germany, Switzerland, Argentina, USA, participating in great tattoos conventions and ministering workshops about Japanese tattoos and the culture. Now residing in San Diego, I bring a lot of humbleness and knowledge always pushing me to step forward.

Instagram: @ronaldogrecco

Ronaldo Grecco
Carrie Halley



Professionally tattooing for five years now, I specialize in geometric mandala dot work, but I love doing other styles like neo-traditional and traditional (color, black, and grey).


Born in Colombia and raised in Spain, Luisa is a multicultural artist with 5 years of experience. She lived in England where she had the opportunity to specialize in Black and Gray tattoos. 
"I'm so glad that my hobby is also my job! I can tattoo for hours and time would fly. I always take my time tattooing as I enjoy the process. Don't like to rush because tattoos are gonna last forever... right? I will always do my best!" she said. 

Luiza Orozco
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I'm Philly, tattoo artist since 2002 and graduated in Visual Arts. I had the opportunity to tattoo in some Tattoo Shops in Spain and Italy, where I lived for 2 years. I really like Black Ornamental Tattoos and Geometric.



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Getting a tattoo, piercing, or micropigmentation procedure is a commitment, and we don’t take that commitment lightly at Family Business Tattoo San Diego. That’s why we offer free consultations to all our clients, to make sure we deliver the design you want and exceed your expectations.

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