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American Traditional Tattoos

American Traditional-style tattoos are full of color, depth, and meaning. Read more about your favorite designs below, then call us at (619) 9979193 to schedule your free tattoo consultation. Our skilled artists can’t wait to work with you!

American Traditional Animal Tattoos

american traditional tattoo family business tattoo


American traditional wolf tattoos were a common subculture of the 1960s and ‘70s, often associated with the hippie movement. The designs are often artistic and beautiful, with bold coloring on the body. Wolf tattoos were also popular in the early 2000s, when it was still a prevalent subculture.

Many traditional wolf tattoo designs are considered a symbol of the American West, and the wolf is one of the most popular Native American tribal symbols.


Bear tattoos are a striking choice. Similar to the wolf, the bear is surrounded by folklore. In more realistic portraits, a bear can look gentle and wise. However, in old-school tattoo designs, the bear is usually snarling. The old-school bear tattoo seems very similar to wolf designs, but it is slightly more ferocious.

Traditional or tribal designs are the most popular for traditional bears. In these designs, there’s a lot of colors. From turquoise to red and yellow hues, a traditional bear tattoo looks fantastic. Most bear tribal tattoos include a bear head on a tree trunk or another totem for the animal.

american traditional tattoo family business tattoo
american traditional tattoo family business tattoo


Eagles are symbols of soaring freedom. They are large and majestic, and which is why eagle tattoos are so popular in America. The eagle’s timeless beauty and symbolism, combined with the raw power, versatility, and strength of its wings, make for an incredibly powerful combination.

Placement is crucial because you want to be able to see the eagle's eye, as well as the detail of the eagle's face. The front thigh region is the most common place to tattoo a bald eagle. The back of the thigh is usually preferred for smaller birds. You will not regret the permanent honor this tattoo will bring you


Octopus tattoos can either be subtle or dramatic. However, getting a unique tattoo, like an octopus, often takes careful planning. Think carefully about what you want to portray, and decide what the ink will describe. You’ll also need to think about how your unique tattoos will look when seen in light.

Finding the right artist for your octopus tattoo can be challenging. At Family Business Tattoo San Diego, our expert artists have years of experience and incredible talent, so you’re sure to be pleased with your octopus tattoo. We’ll work with you to develop the perfect design and create a work of art you will treasure forever

american traditional tattoo family business tattoo
american traditional tattoo family business tattoo


Panther tattoos are symbols of courage and fearlessness. Many stories and myths speak about the panther as one of the most feared animals around, and they are feared more than a dragon or vampire. A black panther tattoo in a 1970's art style is a nod to civil rights, and panthers are still a part of many traditional Indigenous belief systems and cultures.


When combined with other designs, reptile tattooes can have some stunning effects. From fire-breathing cobras to colorful snakes with bright patterns and even a set of wings, these designs are very popular among serpent-lovers

american traditional tattoo family business tattoo

Old-School Tattoos

american traditional tattoo family business tattoo


Skulls symbolize death and love. They are often seen in marriage rituals, representing life after death. Some represent lost loved ones to preserve their memory or simply symbolize their life and death.

Other skulls are just abstract or symbolic. They may symbolize any number of different things, representing death or the idea of good and evil. Skulls are also used as a positive symbol when it comes to the male sex. They are used as positive symbols of masculinity, strength, and of course, virility.


Traditional flower tattoo designs are usually symbolic and convey meaning to the person getting the tattoo. For example, flowers symbolize love and marriage while expressing female beauty, which is a common reason for women getting a rose tattoo.

Rose tattoo art styles vary with each tattoo artist and can depict different symbolism. Some of the meanings for rose tattoos range from religious to romantic, like a man celebrating a special woman in his life. Getting a rose tattoo is the best way to show off your affection and create a memory that lasts forever.

american traditional tattoo family business tattoo
american traditional tattoo family business tattoo


The American ship tattoo tradition goes back to before the 1800s. During the 19th century and early 1900s, sailors were the icons of the pre-WW1 US. However, many sailors went out to sea to avoid the draft during WW1. As a result, many sailors returned home with chests full of traditional American ship tattoos.

A collared shirt, suspenders, and a ship tattoo is the ultimate American expression of individuality. Family Business Tattoo San Diego will create an incredible ship design for you to demonstrate your independent nature. Call us at (619) 752-3693 to schedule your free consultation

Anchor & Lighthouse

American traditional anchor tattoos refer to the traditional longboat used by American sailors during the 17th century. Anchor tattoos are a long-standing tradition within American culture, representing a goal that’s within your sight but always out of reach or symbolizing your personal journey.

The lighthouse represents where we all start, and it’s the biggest first step towards the Land of Opportunity. It shows us that the shores are waiting for us, and we have a choice to go forward or not. If we just stay where we are, the waves of life can drown us. We know, though, that we can make it into the light. It’s in our nature to go forward.

american traditional tattoo family business tattoo
american traditional tattoo family business tattoo

Flash Tattoos

The flash art technique originated in Thailand in the 1970s. Artists began to tattoo animals in various styles to show off their artistic talent. However, they had created these designs using tattoo machines, so they had to be chopped up and organized in a pattern. Thus, the flash art, or image-based, tattoo method emerged as a new method of tattoo creation.

When you get a flash tattoo, you get the look of a tattoo that is entirely different from the actual piece. The “flashy” design element adds depth and helps to convey the message of the artwork. Our flash designs help you understand the process and make it simple. If you are looking for flash tattoos that will look good on your body, we make it easy for you

American Traditional Lettering Tattoos

American traditional lettering tattoos are very popular nowadays. There's an undeniable appeal to the patterns and shapes, but it also has a certain contemporary design. With their slanted lines, red and green font, and ornate details, the lettering style creates an old-school tattoo design that still looks modern.

The expert tattoo artists at Family Business Tattoo San Diego will take your American lettering vision and create a design that you will be proud of. Schedule your free consultation today!

american traditional tattoo family business tattoo
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